Actually, at present, my objective is to further the questioning of societal structure that has surrounded us for our entire lives.

I want to communicate that the architectural structure of children’s playground equipment can tell about the social structure that we are in. (Through construction materials, ith cost, and capital)

The structure of society that supports children’s happiness. I develop from the last open studio that I explore about children’s happiness. It starts with the problem that there is inequality in society. So its effect on inequality on children and this is coming from different environments.

From the articles of Mike Epifani said “we don’t all start at the same starting line” Everyone is born with unequal resources and opportunities.

Society structure supports the growth of people but it doesn’t determine whether a person is a good person or a bad person, or will be successful.

Therefore, what things that…

While I do this project I have the question to myself that when was the playground begin and when it starts. So I find the answer that since in the past until now when nostalgia and memorize brush past you, where does your mind go? Where did you spend many hours as a school-age child? for most of us, it was a playground, whether climbing the playground equipment or running circles on the athletic field, letting imaginations take us anywhere and everywhere.

From the research about the artist “Bernd and Hilla Becher” Water Towers. I like the ways that the artist communicates through photography. So, I will use this way to adapt to my project and also I am interested in photography.

Next week I will go to 20 villages to take photos of the playground and show the environment around them too.

20 places

  • 20 sliders
  • 20 swings
  • 20 carousels
  • 20 seesaws
  • 20 sping riders
  • 20 monkey bars

Warisara Ngansathil

Communication Design student

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