At present, people use the internet as one factor in their life. The Internet is all around us and we live with it in daily routine. Since we wake up until we sleep. I can say that I can not live without the internet. I try to do social detox many times but I am giving up so quickly because the internet has become a part of my life. Everything is on the internet. I use the internet to communicate, receive the news, and follow the update of the world. And sometimes, I receive the real or fake news, I do not know.
There is much fake information on the internet that spread out to the public and sometime I believe it. Moreover, some true information, when it spreads indefinitely, the meaning can be changed and will be the wrong message too.

This is how a difference in visibility translates into a difference in power: those who can see, can understand and thus shape and direct the world to their advantage — James Bridle.

On the other hand, some things are not right or wrong. Every person has a different perception. In thinking and analysis that are not the same. What I see others may not see and what others see I may not see. Like on twitter that people always put their opinion on it and no one can be the judge whether right or wrong.

It is similar when we go to the art gallery and we see the same painting and we think differently. It depends on the subconscious mind, the passion, and the things that we had encountered are so different. Moreover, it depends on the environment in which we are.

From Joan Blond Art

The process of seeing paintings — or seeing anything else — is less spontaneous and natural than we tend to believe — John Berger

In conclusion, each person’s perception is not the same, so do not define someone else’s right or wrong. In my opinion, perception can not determine. Do not judge others perception.

Communication Design student